Dana Newell
February 1, 2024
3 min read

2023 Year in Review: Top Video Production and Animation Insights by Creativa

We’ve pushed cameras to the limit, computers to blazing speeds, and never settled for the first idea in our brainstorming sessions.


Because we believe good ideas help our clients connect with their audience and achieve their goals. 

Here are Creativa’s favourites from 2023:

Complete Home Filtration approached Creativa with the need to create a compelling and lively TVC, which now has over 1.6 million views, thanks to a great design and a cool story.

Senior Helpers. With a cast of 7, this commercial highlighted the diverse clientele and multicultural working environments at the company. 

We worked alongside DOQ and managed to produce two commercials for the price of one!

Maxxia and Studio Hoopla engaged Creativa to produce a commercial featuring a quirky character named Jane, who’s waiting for her electric vehicle. 

We’ve worked with government organisations to translate simple explainer videos into epic narrative short films. 

We literally brought sunflowers to life!! And gave them voices. The Creativa team worked on the Bardee TV commercial, which featured live action and animation combined. 

Using 3D billboard advertising, we made Samsonite suitcases and dragons fly out of buildings, modelled 3D vacuum cleaners. 

We shot boxing films and locked up thousands of kilometres around rural Victoria, all for the sake of a good story…

We genuinely believe success isn’t about the size of your budget, but the strength of your creativity and ingenuity.

From everyone at Creativa, we hope you had a great break and look forward to hearing how we can partner with you in 2024. 

Your Director, Dana Newell

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