3 examples of animated videos to inspire you

The latest trends in marketing have shown the growth in popularity of animated videos as a form of increasing sales. An animated video uses drawings and cartoons to maintain the viewers’ attention while transmitting a specific message. An animated video can be used in many different ways to promote your goods or services, explain a tricky concept, provide information, entice people to learn more, and can even be used in your personalized email signature.
Do you remember watching Sunday morning cartoons? The movement of those drawings not only attracted you to the screen every weekend, but managed to hold your attention for hours thanks to their short, punchy story lines. Today, you can apply the same principle to improve your visibility and increase your sales.
So, what’s in it for you?
These days, animated videos have become easier to create thanks to technological advances, and because animation has taken such long strides, it is now available to businesses as a relatively low cost communication tool.
Animated videos can be the perfect tool for getting your message across effectively, while maintaining the viewer’s interest and inspiring customers to purchase. With animation, the audience remains intrigued for an extended period of time, in a similar manner to how those Sunday morning cartoons kept you entertained as a child.
What types of animation are there?
The short answer to this question is many. Because of the marked evolution of animation, businesses now have a nice selection of animated video technologies available to them. Some of the most popular ones are sketch and whiteboard videos, cartoons, motion graphic videos, and animated explainer videos, all of which have been designed to handle certain tasks in the promotion of goods and services. For example:

  • Sketch and Whiteboard Video – This type of video is similar to doodling on a sheet of paper, but better. Sketch and whiteboard video uses computer software to give the appearance of a hand, sketching the scene live as your message is explained with a light-hearted voiceover, sound effects and music. Here’s an example we did for The City of Port Phillip.


  • Cartoon Animation Video – Traditional cartoon animation uses a variety of animated characters to tell your story. It can appear more polished than sketch animation and is more like your traditional weekend morning cartoons. It’s a stronger style for creating a connection with your audience, which we all know aids in the sales process. Here’s an example we did for Fuse Recruitment.

    • Motion Graphic Video – This animation style uses very basic computer animation mixed with real-life images and other mixed media to tell your story. It’s great to simply entertain; for Explainer Videos; and to educate your audience on a complex topic. See the example we did for Riot Art & Craft for the title sequence of their show Riot Art & Craft.

  • Still not convinced? Think about TV commercials and some of the big name brands that are also turning to animation to get their message across in a unique way. Check out energy drink giant Red Bull who use cartoon animation to sell the concept of Red Bull giving you wings

To summarise, using animation to attract more visitors to your website while promoting your products or services is an excellent way to stay at the forefront of a potential customer’s mind, because who can ever forget the impact cartoons have had on our lives?

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