You can choose your own adventure with Creativa’s new interactive video player!

With the prevalence of video on the internet, there’s another wonder emerging – the sophistication of video: using technology to build relationships. Videos are already the most engaging digital content. Adding interactive features and personalisation, the experience becomes even richer, allowing the user to become a part of the story. If you want to offer a superior customer experience and help people learn about your brand and move down your sales funnel, then your video content must not only be high-quality but also engaging.

Nowadays, top marketers are looking at ways to gain an advantage with their video content. Interactivity is a relatively new marketing technique which helps consumers feel more connected with their favorite brands and more interested in the ones they are being introduced to.  From contests and quizzes to entertaining games and choosing stories, interactive content is an effective way to engage.

Completion rates for interactive videos are around 90% which means that viewers will watch longer if they can interact with the content. In turn, this dramatically increases your conversions. Interactive can even be a way to gain customer information and feedback. This data is then used to create custom-made follow-up sales communications, making lead conversion a much easier process than it would have been with conventional content.

Interactive video can even be used to find out how much a viewer knows while watching, and then tailor the rest of the content to their knowledge level. That’s personalised experience at its best.

Being able to offer your customers highly personalised experiences at every interaction means that they will treat your content as relevant and interesting, thereby remaining with your brand longer. Interactive and personalised technology combined with creativity and great strategy can help businesses differentiate their brand and keep their target customers completely engaged.


Creativa Videos has launched their new interactive video player. With this player, you can create links to different parts of the video, external videos, websites, forms, quizzes, attachments, and even personalised videos. You can then track the results & see how each viewer interacts with the story.

Here are some examples:

Santa, naughty or nice?

Fill in your name and get a present from Santa:

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