What if 30 seconds was all you needed to talk to your customer?

The phrase ‘short & sweet’ can work really well in effectively communicating to your audience. We love these short ‘message bite’ videos from Beyond Blue which are part of their youth depression and anxiety campaign. Each video lasts for no more than 20 seconds, but still successfully executes the core message. https://www.youtube.com/user/youthbeyondblue
When your target audience is youths, you need a catchy and quirky video to grab their attention. Here, the brain has been developed into a cute and funny character, adding a level of humour and lightness to the message.

Another great example of keeping it short and sweet is ANZ, who have just launched their ‘MoneyMinded Monday’ campaign where each week they share quick banking tips taken from their ‘MoneyMinded’ education course. Using simple and clean animation, the tips are delivered in around 30 seconds.
In general terms banking and debts and finances can be draining… but getting a great savings tip by watching a bite size video in under a minute each week (plus there is even a sausage dog and a funny dinosaur) may just turn your ‘Manic Mondays’ into ‘Make some Money Mondays!’.

So if you have a lot of information to provide your customers, but don’t want to bore them with a long and dull video, consider cutting up your information into a series of short, catchy and engaging clips – we call them ‘Message Bites’.  As you can see, sometimes all you need is 30 seconds (or less) to make an impact.

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