Why we love Cartoon & Sketch Animation Videos – And Why You Will Too

Animation video styles such as Sketch and Cartoon have a unique advantage over other forms of video media – any message can be delivered in a simpler, softer, more engaging and entertaining way. These styles of animation videos are great for delivering messages that contain dry subject matter and complex ideas.
So if you are trying to explain a topic or a product that is as complicated as Einstein’s ‘General Theory of Relativity’ – you will certainly benefit from producing a Sketch or Cartoon Animation. These video styles are enjoyable, engaging and educational to watch, but will not confuse or bore the life out of your viewers.
Sketch videos illustrate an animated sequence of progressive drawings, giving the appearance of the evolution of a sketch as the message is delivered. Think of when you were at school (or are in a boring meeting) and staying awake required doodling pictures in your notebook. Sketch animation uses that basic concept of drawing on a sheet of paper and writing words – and then brings these images to life through storytelling and narration.
Cartoon animations are fantastic tools that can serve as ‘icebreakers’ for your audience – they instill a sense of trust and awareness in your company by warming up the viewer with humour and character. Using cute, funny and lovable characters immediately transforms the way we interpret serious topics, boring information and complicated ideas. Key points and marketing messages are communicated in a completely different way in comparison to a person talking to camera, or reading blocks of heavy text.
Here are a few examples of Sketch and Cartoon Animation videos we have recently produced – for many more examples and to compare other styles of animation click here: http://creativa.com.au/animation-studio-melbourne

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