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July 1, 2024
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Australia Leading the Way with Tech and Cutting-Edge Animation

Australia is leading the way in the tech and animation industries, setting new standards with cutting-edge innovations and creative storytelling. Innovative animation has pushed advertising creativity and engagement to new levels.

Australian creative media and production agencies have established themselves as leaders in this field for multiple reasons:

  • Australian animation studios quickly adopt AR, VR, and AI to develop innovative campaigns that redefine animation.
  • Adapt to changes: These agencies are skilled in adapting animated content for social media, websites, digital out-of-home displays, and mobile apps, maintaining brand consistency across all touchpoints.
  • Creative storytelling: Australian animators use technical skills and creative storytelling to create engaging and memorable content.
  • Global collaboration: Working with overseas customers gives Australian agencies diverse views and challenges, keeping them ahead of industry trends and developments.
  • AI Machine Learning: These companies use AI and machine learning to speed production workflows and personalize content in real time, creating personalized animations that engage with specific audience segments and improve campaign performance.
  • Australian animators use VR and AR to create immersive brand experiences that connect with people emotionally and demonstrate products effectively.
  • Some agencies specialise in 3D animation, including character design, visual effects, and VR video integration, to create stunning and technologically advanced animations.
  • Education and Training: Australia’s emphasis on animation education and training provides a continual stream of qualified experts with new ideas and techniques.

Australian agencies have led inventive animation due to these capabilities, creating a fast-changing and fascinating sector. This trend is global, with studios pushing animation advertising’s limits.

The multiple uses of cutting-edge media productions around the world show how animation and technology continue to push storytelling and visual experiences. Here are some explanations and examples of innovative media production:

What is VR?

Virtual reality (VR) is a technology that simulates a computer-generated environment, allowing realistic interaction. It’s popular in gaming, education, healthcare, and entertainment.

Here is a perfect example of an award winning VR experience:

The Turning Forest by VRTOV and BBC

What is CGI?

Computer-generated imagery (CGI) is a technology crucial for  the creation of visual content with software. Film, TV, Video Games, advertising, and VR use it to create amazing graphics and effects that are too expensive or hard to recreate with traditional means.

CGI enhances animation and special effects, bringing people and environments to life.

Lifelike images: Advanced CGI often matches real footage.

Creative Freedom: letting  artists create complex, fanciful worlds, characters, and scenarios.

Not just for entertainment: Architecture, medicine, education, etc.

Animators may now achieve their most ambitious visions with stunning detail and realism thanks to CGI. Creating visuals in both live-action and animated films.

A great example of a computer-generated image: Spring CGI Animated Short Film by Blender Animation Studio


What is StageCraft?

Stagecraft in film involves shooting live-action actors and sets surrounded by large, high-definition LED video walls, creating immersive, real-time backgrounds. It uses enormous LED panels for live-action filming and real-time digital effects.  Some of its key features are:

  • LED Walls: HD screens offer dynamic backgrounds.
  • Video game engines render environments in real time.
  • Tracks virtual backgrounds with camera motions.
  • Natural Lighting: LED walls illuminate naturally.


  • Efficiency: reduces location and post-production.
  • Flexibility: a controlled environment changes quickly.
  • Immersion: interactive backgrounds improve actor performance.
  • Economical: reduces travel and building costs.

StageCraft combines the physical and digital worlds for filmmakers’ ultimate creative control and efficiency.

Disney’s “The Mandalorian,” Utilising “StageCraft” technology, employs large LED screens to create immersive, real-time backgrounds, revolutionising the production process for TV and film.

What is Industrial Light & Magic (ILM):

ILM is a famous visual effects and animation studio created by George Lucas in 1975. ILM, part of Lucasfilm, pioneered visual effects in Star Wars, Jurassic Park, The Avengers, and Harry Potter. The key points are:

  • Pioneered CGI and motion capture.
  • Multiple Academy Awards for Best Visual Effects.

ILM has revolutionised cinema, improved technology, and developed top personnel to remain a visual effects leader.

In The Jungle Book , the ILM used ground-breaking CGI and motion capture to bring realistic animal characters to life, seamlessly blending them with live-action elements.

What are 3D Digital Billboards?

High-resolution 3D Digital Billboards are displays that use 3D visual effects to create immersive and engaging advertisements, producing the illusion of depth and movement without special glasses on a flat screen, making the content appear more lifelike and engaging.Their key features are:

  • High-Resolution: sharp, colourful images.
  • Depth and movement illusions.
  • Dynamic Content: Interactive advertisements.


  • Grabs viewers’ attention.
  • Memorable: Impresses.
  • Suitable for cities, stadiums, events and malls.


  • Advertising: dynamic product display.
  • Announcements are displayed.
  • Entertainment: Improves public areas.

3D Digital Billboards are innovative and memorable outdoor advertising.

Creativa developed 3D digital outdoor advertising for brands like Samsonite, Coca-Cola, Jalsberg, among others, enhancing their DOOH campaigns with innovative technology. Here are some recent examples

The fact that brands are using CGI to create FOOH campaigns highlights the format’s immense potential. At Creativa, we recently developed a stunning campaign for Decjuba’s new puffed jackets, featuring the captivating image of a landing plane wearing one of these jackets. This creative concept quickly went viral within a few hours on social media, generating a significant buzz.

As a leading video production and animation agency, Creativa is currently at the forefront of this transition, applying the latest technology to create immersive, results-driven experiences.  Creativa specialises in turning your brand’s story into a fascinating visual spectacle that attracts your audience. Our goal is to connect brands and audiences through innovative digital content. We elevate client stories and drive change with live-action and animation productions, immersive media,  AR/VR experiences, and 360° visual adventures.

We joined Group 527 with tech company 7-YM and games studio Ultimerse in 2015. This collaboration has produced award-winning initiatives for Coca Cola, Saab, Swisse Vitamins, and Decjuba.

We’re thrilled to lead this transformation as a video production and animation company, helping clients express their stories more engagingly, immersive, and effectively than before.

The future of advertising is animated, interactive, and personalised, and it’s already here.

Ready to elevate your brand’s story to new heights? Let’s create something extraordinary together.

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