April 27, 2020
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Our wins at the 2020 Muse Creative Awards

Fresh off the announcement of twelve award-winning videos being recognised at the Horizon Interactive Awards, Creativa has picked up eight more at the 2020 Muse Creative Awards.

The New York-based international competition awards “creative professionals whose ability to inspire with a concept, idea or design can help spark their inner muse, lighting the path to success with ingenuity and originality.” To be recognised amongst 15,000 entries including some of the world’s best creative talent is genuinely humbling.

We’re so excited for our clients and collaborators too, who unleashed their creativity working on these award-winning videos.

Here are all the award-winning videos!

Gold Award-Winning Videos

School/University Videos | It’s Her Turn – Lauriston Girl’s School

‘It’s Her Turn’, produced for Lauriston Girl’s School, was part of a powerful campaign, promoting the construction of new facilities at the girl’s school. The campaign centred around opening up new opportunities for all their students. We’re chuffed to receive the award but even prouder to contribute to such a fantastic, impactful project.

Self-Promotion | Showreel (2020) – Creativa

Our latest showreel, featuring a whole bunch of animation and video projects from the past year and beyond was also awarded Gold. Using some of his snazzy editing tricks, our (now former) resident editor, Peter Walsh, put together a super snappy showreel to an expertly selected musical accompaniment and we’re stoked to see it pick up an award.

Government | What We Don’t Know – Court Services Victoria

This series of instructional videos were produced with Court Services Victoria to train new registrars and support their incredible work assisting the community. A number of videos were created as part of the program, ranging from confronting dramatisations recreating real-life stories to role-played interviews with interactive elements. We’re so proud to see this important project awarded Gold. Massive shout out to young actor Lebron Gorman who delivered a top-notch performance dealing with difficult subject matter; he’s got a bright future ahead of him!

Silver Award-Winning Videos

Animation | #AFeministFuture – International Women’s Development Agency

Made in collaboration with the International Women’s Development Agency, ‘#AFeministFuture’ envisioned a future built by women’s movements. Lead by and made entirely by a team of women at Creativa, the animation also features poetry written and performed by Anna McGahan. Being such an important and special project, we’re wrapped to see it win an award at Muse. 

School/Universities | Personalised Videos – University of Canberra

As part of a personalised video campaign for the University of Canberra, this series featured real UoC students welcoming new applicants by name using our personalisation tech. Delivering only relevant information to each recipient as if by magic, including the course the student had been accepted into, our personalisation services plugged into the university’s data to better connect with their audience.

Government | Tricks That Keep Me Gambling – Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation

As part of an education series produced for the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation, this video highlights some of the challenges in overcoming gambling addiction. It’s an ace example of how animation video can be used to impart useful information and make sense of sometimes complicated subject matter, whilst telling human stories in a relatable way.

Game Trailer | Paper Fire Rookie (Live-Action Launch Trailer) – Ultimerse

Upon the launch of their debut VR video game, Paper Fire Rookie, our friends at the indie game studio, Ultimerse, fancied a live-action launch trailer. Creativa had a ball producing this very fun video mixing live-action with gameplay capture to create an adrenaline-inducing launch video for the game. This award is a delightful cherry on top for what was a great project.

Medical | Love Is Not Enough – Advanced Care Planning

You may know your loved ones’ favourite food but do you know what their wishes would be when it comes to the difficult topic of end-of-life decisions? To help Advanced Care Planning Australia promote Advanced Care Planning week and prompt these important conversations, Creativa produced this thought-provoking video challenging couples with these necessary questions.

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