8 Video Marketing Trends to Watch in 2020

Ewan Roxburgh
February 12, 2020
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It’s no secret that video is critical to the success of content marketing strategy in the era of social media. But the internet is a constantly evolving space and we need to stay up-to-date with the emerging video trends and best practise for each platform. Whether you’re a brand, not-for-profit, business, or content creator, we all need to be in the loop. To help, we consulted our expert team of video professionals to identify the top video marketing trends your digital content team should keep an eye on in 2020.


Everything you create should be designed with social media for first and foremost. With over 3.8 billion worldwide on social media, be it Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest or the increasingly popular, Tik Tok, there’s an audience out there for everyone.

But of course, each platform has its own set of requirements you’ll need to familiarise yourself with. Cut-down or alternate versions of your videos will need to be adjusted for each platform to give it the best chance of success. For instance, Facebook’s strategy has shifted in recent years to favour longer-form videos. It’s now optimal to aim for a video over 3 minutes long, rather than something bitesize.

the best video trends this year

2. Short, Sharp and Snappy

Sure, sometimes length is necessary, but we’re all aware of shortening attention spans. Hour-long videos ought to be reserved for Netflix (or YouTube maybe). Grabbing someone’s interest requires snappy, engaging content that plants its hooks in the first few seconds. Longer-form videos need to have a sharp and captivating opening to ensure viewer retention and better viewing duration.

Think of the first five unskippable seconds of a YouTube ad: what’s kept you watching the whole video? Do something different and eyecatching to capture their attention. In case you don’t though, be sure to sneak in your branding for that impression anyhow. 

It’s a slightly different story if you’re running social promotion and ad campaigns. In that scenario, it’s better to keep things sweet, short and simple. Sometimes less is more. A tight, easily digestible 15 seconds is optimal when it comes to Feed or Story placements. They’ll have a better likelihood of stopping someone scrolling and drive engagement, clicks and conversions.

3. Personalised Videos

Standing out from the crowd is no easy task. Of the emerging video marketing trends in 2020, few are as exciting as personalisation. Media personalisation tailors communications with an audience according to their particular interests, serving information relevant to them.

Setting something up has its challenges, but with the right guidance it’s from a studio equipped with the right tools, it’s very achievable. If you’re able to track down a team (like us) that are equipped to produce a personalised video you can achieve awesome results.

Stop in and check out some examples of personalised video in action.

video for social media and mobile guide 2020

4. Mobile-Minded

Of course, everything you do should be ‘mobile-minded’. The vast majority of internet users favour mobile devices over desktops so it’s best to design mobile-first.

Square isn’t always best either, although you should always consider how it’s previewed. For instance, a video with an aspect ratio of 4:5 and a resolution of 1080×1350 is optimal for the likes of Instagram. It takes up the ideal amount of screen real estate and increases the chance of someone with a quick thumb pausing their scroll to view your content. However, each social media app has its own requirements and adapting your content for each should be part of the plan.

instragram story strategies for this year

5. Stories

One of the most popular mediums of late has been Stories. First introduced by Snapchat, Instagram rapidly took the helm when it came to promoting bite-sized content with an expiry date. Its temporary nature creates a sense of urgency, encouraging your audience to view your content before it disappears.

It’s also super versatile. It’s a great space to go behind-the-scenes of your organisation, present content in real-time (either with mobile uploads or live-streams), profile your staff and build a brand personality. Just make sure you keep everything in a 9:16 ratio, with a resolution of 1080×1920, so it fills a smartphone screen. You can easily share your excellent content onto your IGTV or a Story Highlight to give it a permanent home on your profile.

storytelling trends for 2020 video

6. And Storytelling

Not to be confused with the Stories mentioned above, it’s recommended everything you do incorporates a story. A clear, emotive narrative guided by a strong script works wonders for audience engagement. Humans have told tales for centuries; it’s a video marketing trend that will exist long after 2020! 

Story-driven media is also perfect for sharing your brand values and explaining the ‘why’ behind your business. Help build a greater connection with your customers and increase brand loyalty.

the right sound settings to export video for social media

7. Sound (or the Lack Thereof)

Audio-visual material is fifty-fifty video and sound. When it comes to social video, however, you need to work on the assumption that the viewer won’t have headphones or their volume turned up. For that reason, it’s important to subtitle your videos if it includes dialogue. Subtitles make the video easier to follow if you can’t listen, but also factor in search results and improve your SEO.

8. Interactive Calls-to-Action

At the end of the day, objectives ought to be met. Your video should serve a purpose and drive a viewer to action no matter how cool. It doesn’t have to be the classic ‘like and subscribe’ of course but could be to visit your shop or website, join a mailing list or get in contact. Whatever you like! If you can link it somewhere, you can make it happen. Doing so can drive more traffic to your website and widen the funnel when it comes to generating leads and driving conversions.

creativa is a video production and animation studio that can help you make your own social video content

Did You Know?

Every GIF in this blog post is taken from one of our videos here at Creativa? We’re a Melbourne-based video production and animation studio that produce countless videos for our clients’ own video marketing campaigns. We’re one of few studios to offer video personalisation in-house too! If you’d like to discuss these video marketing trends more give us a call or drop us an email.

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