5 awesome induction videos to inspire

Everyone knows induction videos are a perfect way to introduce new employees to what a company offers. But unfortunately, for the most part, particularly those produced in the noughties, many of these videos are cringe-worthy, boring and uninspiring.

“People learn nothing when they’re asleep and very little when they’re bored.”


Historically, there has been a tendency to cram in too much information and use company jargon or acronyms that send the new employees into overwhelm.  The videos tended to ‘talk at’ the employees, rather than engaging and inspiring them with authentic company stories.
Fortunately for us, the rise in new video production technologies means that boring induction videos are thing of the past. In this article, we present 3 different ways that you can structure your induction videos to build engagement.  We provide some inspirational examples from around world to demonstrate how other organisations have changed the way they approach induction videos today.

Capturing Attention Spans
In an ideal induction video, it’s important to change what is on a screen every 5-7 seconds and mix up the way ideas and concepts are presented.  With video, this is easy to achieve.  Use different titles, graphics, still images, footage, music, voice over throughout the video can keep the audience engaged and attentive throughout the video.
Virgin Atlantic perfected this approach when they revamped their in-flight safety video and used an unexpected approach to safety training.  For many of us, we’ve watched in-flight videos dozens of times and whilst the message is critical, the content is repetitive and boring.  So, Virgin Atlantic face the challenge head-on and produced a video with a difference.  They’ve changed each scene style, change voice over and music and brought the audience into the centre of the story.  

Virgin Atlantics Inflight Safety Video

Strike a Balance – Edutain!
There is so much information to absorb in an induction and for many, this amount of information can be overwhelming.  Break your induction topics/chapters down into short sharp videos, remove the jargon and ‘company speak’ and your video will have a greater impact.  
Package up the sequence of videos into a linear structure, so the employee knows what is coming next and get a sense of accomplishment as they finish each video – do this by using titled thumbnails and finish each video with ‘what’s next’ so the audience knows what they are going to learn next.

“Anyone who tries to make a distinction between education and entertainment doesn’t know the first thing about either.”


Interested in training videos? Watch more examples in our training videos page.

Bamboo HR Careers and Culture Video

Early in Career at Starbucks

Interactivity & Gamification
Because induction is no longer bound to a classroom, it’s possible to take induction to the next level by building an authentic employee experience through interactive video.   The best way to understand how this works is by experiencing it yourself.  In this great example, Deloitte encourages viewers to understand company culture by clicking on choice points within the video. Using both humour and real situations, the audience gets to walk in the shoes of a new Deloitte employee and decide his courses of action (be they right or wrong).

Will you fit – Deloitte!


So, what happens when you get it wrong!
Here is an example of an induction video where the company has simply tried too hard to explain their company culture in video.  On paper, it probably sounded awesome, but the execution is ‘interesting’ to say the least.  Looking beyond the serious breach of copyright and the horrible cinematic voice-over, they have used blockbuster film scene to outline their core values and…….. well watch it and let us know where you think they went wrong.

The videos above cleverly create unexpected moments, draw the audience into the story and edutain the audience beyond the learning environment. Interactivity and gamification are readily available today and can inspire organisations to build intelligent interactive platforms to make induction significantly more memorable and engaging.
Your organisation has invested considerable resources into recruiting new employees, so it makes sense to invest in a series of edutaining and memorable induction video’s that showcase just how amazing your company truly is.  
P.S. When we were researching this article we came across a cool idea that we wanted to share with you.

“At Bonobos, the hiring manager sends out an e-mail to the entire company introducing a new employee. The e-mail includes a brief biography and a photograph of the employee. It also includes a trivia game that is called “Two truths and a lie.”
These are fun facts about the new employee, but only two of the three are true. In order to figure out the lie, employees are encouraged to meet the new employee. The first person to identify the lie correctly gets a $25 store credit.”

Source: https://inside.6q.io/10-ways-to-improve-your-employee-induction-process

Do you use videos for induction? Have you seen any other good induction videos? Please, share with us!

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