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June 14, 2024
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Creativa’s Insider Tips: Staying Creative Under Pressure

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Creativa’s Team Shares Tips for Staying Creative During the Rush – Motivational Videos

We get it—balancing creativity and productivity can be tough. At Creativa, our team of scriptwriters, animators, designers, editors, and producers shine at mixing innovation and efficiency to craft the best stories and visual content. Here’s how we stay creative during busy times:

1- Inspirational Mondays

Every Monday, a team member shares something that inspires them—whether it’s a video or movie, music, animation, or an immersive project. These sessions spark our imagination, foster innovation, and help us understand what motivates each team member.

2- Have Fun Together

Fun promotes creativity! We love taking walks to our beloved coffee shop or having coffee breaks for a refreshing chat. Our in-house DJ, Will, keeps the energy high by playing our favourite tunes on the office speakers, sometimes even prompting improvised dance sessions. Anthony lifts our spirits every Friday by bringing fresh donuts from Melbourne Victoria Market for a sugar boost. These moments of joy and connection keep our hearts and creativity high.

3- We have a laugh

Laughter is a great creativity booster. We share stories and inspirational comments on Slack to lighten the mood. Sometimes, a well-timed prank from Ted can break the routine and make everyone chuckle. These little moments of comedy keep us connected and inspired.

4- Bring Treats

Homemade brownies or surprise treats are simple ways to show appreciation. Sarah and Mon often bring cakes or scones, brightening everyone’s day. These small acts of kindness keep our team motivated and happy.

5- Embrace Collaboration

We believe teamwork fosters the best ideas. At Creativa, brainstorming sessions, feedback loops, and team discussions are integral to our process. Sharing ideas and different perspectives helps us overcome creative blocks and find innovative solutions.

6- Passion Projects

Whenever we can, we carve out time for passion projects. These personal creative activities reignite our imagination and bring fresh ideas into our professional work. They remind us why we love what we do and keep our creative spark alive.

7- Stay Inspired

At Creativa, we make it a point to explore new creative ideas and stay energised. Socialising, taking breaks, listening to music or going for a walk help us stay innovative and motivated. We’re incredibly proud of our team. Despite the busy schedules and demanding deadlines, they continue to create and achieve great things for our clients. Their dedication and passion are truly encouraging. These activities make Creativa a fantastic place to work and keep our culture vibrant and innovative!

Are you curious to know what motivates us in video?

Let me share a few inspiring videos we’ve been using recently to boost creativity here. These choices have inspired us and given us fresh perspectives. Jump in and see how they may inspire you!

I am excited to share a few inspiring videos we’ve been using recently to boost creativity at Creativa.

These choices have uplifted us and given us fresh perspectives. Jump in and see how they may inspire you!

Campaign “Always #LikeAGirl”

Always’ compelling commercial empowers young girls to redefine “like a girl.” It shows how creative information can start a conversation and impact society.

Creativa’s Motivating Animation: “Write the Future”

The “Write the Future” video by IWAD celebrates women’s achievements and potential. It showcases diverse women breaking barriers and leading in various fields, emphasising the importance of supporting and empowering women to create a more inclusive world.  This powerful video animation inspires viewers to reflect on how they can uplift women in their own lives and communities, envisioning a future where gender equality is the norm.

Juan Mann’s “Free Hugs Campaign”

Free hugs to strangers are easy but powerful, as shown in this touching video. It reminds us of the power of human connection and how simple acts of kindness may boost creativity and well-being.

Christian the Lion – Reunited”

This moving reunion between a lion and his former owners after being released into the wild is a reminder of the relationships we have and the amazing stories we can tell when we care about our job and each other.

Neil Gaiman: “Make Good Art”

Creatives should watch Neil Gaiman’s commencement address. For creatives, his advice on embracing mistakes, following your passion, and “making good art” is encouraging and useful.

Why These Videos?
Each video discusses creativity and inspiration differently. These selections will inspire our team to keep doing great work by pushing social patterns, embracing human connections, and recognising artistic passions and our team’s successes.
We can always refresh our creativity and remind ourselves the power of our work by watching these videos.

Join Creativa’s Journey

It is no secret that we focus on innovation. Our team works hard to accomplish our clients’ visions, no matter how much work we have. If you’re looking for a creative partner who balances creativity and productivity, look no further.

Let’s make something amazing together! Contact Creativa, Australia’s top video production and animation agency, to bring your ideas to life.

Creativa, let’s innovate and push the limits!

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