September 9, 2020
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How we have supported mental health education with video

We’re proud here at Creativa to have worked with several collaborators creating videos supporting mental health education. Whether they’re offering help and advice or raising awareness, video can be a valuable, education tool combating mental illness.

Here are some of our favourites.

Dov’s Story — Jewish Care

Interview videos such as this one for Jewish Care can be really powerful at raising awareness and encouraging others to reach out for help. For those experiencing similar hardship, hearing first-hand someone else’s personal story of their battle with mental illness can be empowering. Learning of the steps the interviewee took to combat their illness can motivate them to seek out the same help. As Dov’s puts it, “vulnerability allows for human connection.”

Building Resistance — Office of the eSafety Commissioner 

“Resilience is emotional strength — the ability to cope when things go wrong.” Building resilience is a great way to combat mental illness. The Office of the eSaftey Commissioner has a tonne of information on strengthening your resilience on their website, where this video of ours features.

Managing Stress — Teacher’s Health Fund

Explainer videos are a great way to wrap your head around complicated stuff. When it comes to this explainer video, the Teacher’s Health Fund wanted to help their audience better understand stress, and help them keep an eye out for warning signs. Personifying stress with an animated character not only helps get the message across, but makes it a fun video to watch.

eSafety Resources — Office of the eSafety Commissioner 

Educational resources can be an invaluable way of looking out for the mental health of our kids, and protecting them from threats like social media can present. Cybersafety is hugely important; 1 in 5 young people have reported instances of cyberbullying in Australia. This video, again produced for the eSafety Commissioner helps teach kids to behave responsibly online. 

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