D-Luxe puffers have now landed Campaign<br/><b>Decjuba</b>

D-Luxe puffers have now landed Campaign

Client: Decjuba

In Collaboration with: Hero Agency

Project: FOOH Campaign for DECJUBA’s D-LUXE Basics Collection


Creativa, a leading video production and animation agency, introduces Fake Out-of-Home (FOOH), bringing vibrant ad campaigns to life digitally. This case study highlights our successful FOOH campaign for DECJUBA’s D-LUXE Basics puffer collection.

The challenge was to create a viral campaign for the brand together with Hero agency.

Goal: The goal was to merge a 3D model into real footage at Melbourne Airport, creating a visually striking and shareable experience.


  1. Concept and Planning
    • Location: Melbourne Airport, near the gates, for high visibility.
    • Shot Setup: Simulated someone filming with their phone for realism.
  2. 3D Tracking and Modelling
    • Camera Tracking: Used Cinema 4D’s native camera tracker to match real camera settings.
    • Model Creation: Utilized an existing Boeing 787 asset and created a 3D scan of a jacket using Polycam.
  3. Model Creation and Texturing
    • Challenges: Scaled the jacket to match the plane’s proportions.
    • Texturing: Used Adobe Substance Painter for realistic shaders and intricate details.


Creativa’s FOOH campaign for DECJUBA’s D-LUXE Basics collection highlights how digital innovation can create buzz and tell compelling stories. Accompanied by text that reads “New winter range now landed” or “Decjuba puffers have now landed,” this video is designed to look convincing and realistic, as if someone caught the moment on their phone. With a duration of 8-10 seconds and formatted in 9:6 vertical format, this MP4 video file is perfect for sharing on social media channels like Instagram, TikTok, and more. Get ready to make a splash with this eye-catching and engaging social media content!


Creativa‘s latest FOOH project for DECJUBA in collaboration with HERO involved placing a 3D puffer-jacket-wearing Boeing 787 into an airport scene, filmed to appear like it was shot from a phone. Despite what some may think, what you’re seeing uses no AI whatsoever! Only the magic and pure skill of 3D animation and compositing ✨The stunning end result definitely speaks for itself, with over 26 million views and counting!


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