Why do I need Videos?

September 28, 2011
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It is a huge mistake to believe that a successful video has to have millions of views. A successful marketing video is one that somehow generates more revenue than what it cost to be produced.

Video doesn’t need to be viral to have an impact on your business. In fact, any well designed inbound marketing content strategy should include a video component. This should not be designed on the basis that the videos will ‘go viral.’ Training video production is a good example. Instead, businesses should put time into video for at least nine other reasons:
1. Video gives your business personality ‘ it is totally different to read a paragraph on your website than to spend a couple of minutes watching and listening the business owner and staff share their story, vision, and understanding their knowledge and personality. Because, at the end of the day, people buy from people they trust and respect, for their history, knowledge, personality, and charisma.
2. Videos are Assets ‘ Like a brochure, a business card, or a blog post, videos are assets that can be leveraged in many different ways. Once you have published your video you can re-use this video on the website, your email signature, trade shows, blog posts, social media conversations, IPads, and more without spending any extra money or having to re-print.
3. Videos are easier and cheaper to produce that you might think ‘ Once the strategy has been defined, then the Creativa production team will take care of the rest, Script writing, pre- production, recording, editing, and even publishing, embedding and distributing the videos for you. And because we can produce multiple videos at a time all the setup costs and overheads get diluted meaning that you can have very professional videos at a fraction of the cost of creating only one. And best of all it doesn’t need to be perfect, it simply needs to be professional, authentic, relevant, and a bit entertaining.
4. Videos help you jump the SEO queue ‘ Google loves videos, in matter of fact it loves videos so much that they bought YouTube years ago and it is now the second largest search engine in the world. There are multiple ways of improving your SEO with videos; creating links from the places they are published on, linking them on your social media posts, helping people distribute the links by social media or emails. Search engines love videos so much that they will increase your ranking just because you have videos on your site. The best of all is that once you publish a video on YouTube it gets instantly indexed, and you can start appearing very high in a keyword that otherwise you wouldn’t dream of’. And for FREE.
5. Video is another channel for your content. ‘ Successful inbound marketing strategies need to include multiple media types. Using all the channels available to your disposal, so you don’t miss any potential customer.
6. Videos sell 1200% more than text — According to eMarketer, more than 50% of viewers will take action after watching a video advertisement. Of those, 12% will buy. It’s a strong marketing case compared to a typical 1% conversion from people who read traditional text advertising. The reason behind this is largely to do with trust. Putting a ‘face to your name’ and allowing visitors to view a video on your website lets them meet and assess the owner of the company or representative online. It’s an important factor in the selling process. Videos can be used to drive visitors to action, invariably; this helps them make a quicker decision to buy, particularly when its services you are selling.
7. Videos increase the time spent on the website ‘ Because videos are entertaining they engage the audience and make them stay longer on your site. Why do you care? Well easy, if they stay longer because they are watching the video it means that they are listening and watching to what you have to say. This means that by the end of it they not only know more about you and what you have to offer, but they are also more open to find out what else is there for them and take action. By then they have already left behind your competitor’s sites that stayed open in a different window. But there is more, the fact that your bounce rate is lower and your average stay is higher gives you an extra boost on your SEO ranking as well meaning that you will start appearing higher on the search results generating even more traffic.
8. Videos are a great Social Media Tool ‘ Videos are a great tool to be used on your Social media strategy because, for starters it is very personal, not only that, it is very easy and tempting to share, is does not take much time to watch, and it engages all senses. After all, that is what Social Media is all about.
9. More Video, More Likely to Have a Big Success ‘ Opposite to what many people think, you don’t need to have a huge fancy produced video to have success online, you need many videos that can attract many different prospects for what they are looking for, and keep a constant flow of communication with prospects and clients ensuring that they always know you are there, what you have to offer and reassuring them that you are the ‘expert’ in this subject. It is like going fishing with many hooks on one line, you have much more chance to catch fish that are swimming at different depths, and you also have much more bait in the water to attract the whole school. Don’t stop telling your stories and those of your employees, customers, collaborative partners, neighbourhood, etc. Ask yourself ‘ would my customers find this story interesting? ‘ If so, tell it.

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