The importance of creativity and connection this holiday period

Hannah Sim
November 30, 2021
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Reflections from Creativa’s Executive Producer – David Heinrich – on the year that’s been

Like most of you, I would guess, I’m breathing a sigh of relief that 2021 is just about to be done dusted and passed through the confidential document shredder of time. It’s been a massively challenging year for many, which is an awful lot off the back of 2020 – two classics on the trot you might say!

Coming to the end of this year, I’ve also been reflecting on what place creativity has in our lives. We are a creative production studio of course, so creativity is our business, but likewise, our day to day is also a routine we need a break from, from time to time. Interestingly, I think the creativity in my life that has given me relief from the stresses of another pandemic year has often been activities outside of my work. This takes many forms, and not all of them are things I am good at – such as the ill-fated lime washing experiment on the front of our house – nevertheless, satisfying in some way, if not visually.

I often hear some of our customers say words to the effect that they have no creativity – we are the creative ones, but creativity is certainly not the sole preserve of people who write scripts, illustrate artwork, compose music, or any other typical ‘creative pursuit’  – there is creativity in small everyday activities that helps feed us – even if we just expose ourselves to something new and unusual, an idea, a film, an experience, a weird or unusual food, an opposing point of view to challenge a perspective – these are all creative acts at their heart.

So in this spirit – I want to say thank you to you – all our creative partners who have worked with us over the past year – we are here because of your support and we thank you for allowing us to practice our creativity every day. Here’s to a great 2022, a restful break, opportunities to reconnect with family friends and colleagues, and celebrating creativity in all its forms as it may be meaningful to you.

Wishing you all well this holiday season.

All the best,


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