Perineal tearing can sometimes occur during childbirth. However, it is something that women still know little about when they are pregnant.

To help educate women about the possibility of a tear — and to share knowledge to clinicians about how to have these conversations with pregnant women — The Clinical Care Standard Committee engaged Creativa to produce two explainer videos.


Sharing information through narrative stories (and not just facts) was important for Dana Newell, this project's Director and Producer.

We chose to take a personal, soft-touch approach, interviewing three women who had experienced perineal tears. It can be a scary and confronting topic, and we wanted to present the information in an engaging and real way whilst ensuring anonymity.


Dana recorded interviews with the three women and asked them about their experience with perineal tears, what the emotional and mental support was like, and what they wish they had known before going into labour. Their stories were turned into animated sequences, interspersed between clinical information shared by two experts.


By weaving narrative stories within the hard facts keeps the viewer engaged and helps to retain the information as they are connecting to the content on not just a cerebral level but also emotional.

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