Imagine if…Your Super fund members never had to read long statements again!

August 25, 2015
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Do you read your superannuation statements? I don’t… I rarely even open the envelope. In fact, I have several different super funds that I have not bothered to rollover – I have never been engaged or interested enough to take the time.
So imagine you are a super fund and I am one of your members. How could you communicate with an uninterested and uneducated super member like me in a way that would spark my interest? You would need a pretty cool way to grab my attention and provide me with the exact information that I need (not the same information that every man and his dog gets) and in a format that doesn’t involve sending bulky statements that end up in my ‘to do’ pile – ie. ‘Will probably never do’ pile.
Luckily, there is a solution! In fact many solutions!
The latest video technology and creativity have united to produce a ‘dynamic video communication tool’ baby! What this means is, you are now able to produce personalised video statements for each and every one of your members’ that will visually present the progress of their account, the contributions that have been made and any other important data they need to know.
Recent results of using this dynamic technology for one of our clients Unisuper, showed a 90% video completion rate – which is pretty damn impressive considering my statements are all unopened!

Now if I knew that in 1 -2 minutes I could understand everything I needed to know about my super fund… I would take the time to not only watch it, but I would also be pretty motivated. My retirement includes a luxurious yacht; a farm in Red Hill with several horses and Llamas, and a beautiful, ocean front property in the Greek Islands – so I better start paying more attention!
Lastly, the style of your personalised videos are in no way limited – have a look at 2 more examples:

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