July 31, 2023
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Crafting Conversations: How Creativa Tackles Difficult and Sensitive Topics Through Video Production

difficult conversations

Have you ever been told not to discuss religion, politics, or money at dinner? It’s purposeful. Certain topics are considered too sensitive or taboo for casual conversation. However, at Creativa, we lean into these difficult topics, using our video production skills to shed light on these otherwise taboo conversations. Over the past ten years we’ve worked with government, non-profit, and health organisations . We’ve addressed difficult topics like loss, abuse, inequity, and trauma. often seen as too difficult to broach. By producing training films, documentaries, and case studies, we’ve broken down these complex issues, approaching them with sensitivity and a nuanced understanding. Our Toolkit When it comes to sensitive topics, we’ve learned at Creativa that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Each story is unique and necessitates a customised approach.

We would love to highlight some examples of the interesting projects Creativa has embark on.

Advance Care Planning: the client appointed us to create a series of videos for their Care Planning week. We decided to film in a studio location so the environment was controlled and we could be sensitive with our talent and the hard-hitting questions we surprised them with.

Our audience needed to see real emotional responses to death and permanent disability questions.

Perineal Tears: We produced a series of videos for ACSQHC about Perineal Tears. The target audiences were Consumers and Physicians.  The video below is features 2 doctors. We also highlighted real people case studies and kept their identity a secret by turning them into an animation.

Cancer Council Legacy Video: Talking about skin cancer

Lifeline Australia: The video communicates Lifeline’s role as a trusted lifeline for individuals experiencing emotional distress or contemplating suicide. Through compelling storytelling, real-life testimonials, and engaging visuals, the video showcases Lifeline’s 24/7 helpline, chat services, and online resources that offer confidential support and guidance.

Our Toolkit

When it comes to sensitive topics, we’ve learned at Creativa that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Each story is unique and necessitates a customised approach. We employ a variety of techniques and styles, including animations, motion graphics, live-action re-enactments, and intimate interviews.

To ensure each topic is respected and authentic, we spend countless hours in pre-production brainstorming and researching. We also stay in touch with clients. throughout the process. After all, communication is essential!

Collaboration with Experts

Collaboration with subject matter experts (SMEs) from various fields is one of the most rewarding aspects of our work. Their expertise and knowledge add depth to our projects, ensuring that we present these complex topics accurately and insightfully. This collaboration allows us to tell the entire story, even when it is difficult.

Choose Creativa: Your Guide in Difficult Conversations

When it comes to dealing with sensitive topics, our experience, expert team, and commitment to creating high-quality, engaging content make us your ideal partner. Whether you’re looking to create an animated educational video or a live-action documentary, Creativa is ready to help you break taboos and start difficult conversations using the power of video.

Have a conversation with us.  At Creativa we understand how to navigating taboos.  We have an innovative approach to difficult conversations in video production

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