Mariana Ruiz
October 20, 2023
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How 3D Billboards are Revolutionising the World of Brands Forever

Samsonite 3DA

In the grand theatre of branding and advertising, a new star has taken centre stage: 3D billboard advertising.

As the worlds of media and technology continue to converge, the innovative invention that has emerged—the 3D anamorphic visual—is turning heads, sparking conversations, and redefining outdoor advertising.

Creativa, as a pioneering creative media and tech agency, has been at the forefront of this revolution, witnessing first-hand the seismic shift it’s ‘causing in the industry. Let’s dive into how this type of advertising is changing the brand world forever.

Jarlsberg Giant Cheese

The Attraction of Immersion

The market is saturated with digital ads, momentary impressions, and the constant battle for a slice of the consumer’s attention, 3D billboards offer a breath of fresh air. They don’t just display a message; they create an immersive experience. With brands striving for differentiation, this innovative advertising medium provides a tangible, almost touchable engagement that 2D platforms just can’t match.

A Tech-Forward Approach

Embracing 3D billboards or 3D Shopalite for smaller screens, such as the ones in shopping malls or airports, signals a brand’s commitment to cutting-edge technology. It’s a nod to the modern, the innovative, and the futuristic. Brands no longer want to be just seen; they want to be experienced. By adopting 3DA (3D anamorphic visuals), companies can showcase themselves as tech-savvy pioneers, ever-evolving in the dynamic landscape of modern marketing.

Unveiling Samsonite’s Spectacular 3D Shopalite Billboard: Revolutionising Out-of-Home Advertising

Memory, Not Just Impressions

While conventional ads aim for impressions, 3D billboards strive for memory imprints. They don’t just catch the eye; they linger in the mind. This novel approach to outdoor advertising drives conversations, creating lasting memories intertwined with brand identity.

Jack Daniels 3DA on Bourke

SEO and The Future of 3D Advertising

Now, let’s talk about the digital side of things. SEO’s potency is well known in online marketing. Businesses are eager to use this new medium, as search terms like “3D billboard advertising,”  “innovative outdoor advertising,”  “anamorphic visuals in branding,”  and “tech-forward ad solutions” rise.

You do not know how to call them.

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For brands and businesses, the message is clear: innovate or become obsolete.

Our agency will continue to innovate; we will keep developing and delivering cutting-edge 3D billboard solutions; and we will rethink brand communication. In three dimensions, you can join this revolution and set your brand apart in a congested market. Whether you’re a brand looking to create a splash or a business seeking cutting-edge solutions, Creativa can help. It is time to think in three dimensions!

Brands are in a continuous battle to innovate, to captivate, and, more importantly, to resonate. In the age of digital technology, where screens abound and advertisements are omnipresent, breaking the norm is essential. This is where outdoor advertising comes to life.  Such realistic billboards, also referred to as 3D anamorphic graphics or hyper-realistic street art, are displacing the traditional advertising paradigm.

Dyson 3D Billboard on Melbourne CBD

3D Advertising Revolution

What are the takeout’s?

  1. Immersive Experiences: Gone are the days when ads were mere visuals to glance at. 3DA creates an experience, an interaction. It’s not just an advertisement; it’s a spectacle that people want to be part of.
  2. Tech Forward: Embracing 3DA showcases a brand’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology. It positions brands as tech-savvy pioneers, always a step ahead in the game of modern marketing.
  3. Memory Imprint: A regular billboard might get a look, but a realistic 3D one? It gets conversations, shares, and, most importantly, a lasting imprint in the memory. It’s advertising that doesn’t just stick; it embeds.
  4. Tactile Connection: While the world is submerged in the digital, there’s a craving for tangible, real-world experiences. 3DA bridges the gap, providing a tangible illusion in the digital age. It’s the best of both worlds.

For brands or businesses pondering their next big move, the message is clear: embrace 3D billboard advertising. Transform from being just another brand in the crowd to becoming the talk of the town. After all, in a world of 2D images and fleeting impressions, why not add another dimension?

Creativa can help you navigate 3D billboards’ revolutionary environment, whether you’re a brand aiming to make a splash or a business seeking cutting-edge solutions. it’s time to think in three dimensions. Whether you’re a brand looking to create a splash or a business seeking cutting-edge solutions, our team is here to guide you through the transformative world of 3D outdoor billboards.

Dive in, and let’s shape the future together. Welcome to Creativa, the future of advertising.


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