Mariana Ruiz
February 2, 2024
3 min read

The Truth About Animation: Is Drawing Every Frame Necessary?

Do you need to draw every frame?

Would you like to have a conversation regarding our animation approach? Specifically, would you like to hear our views on using After Effects vs. the more conventional frame-by-frame method? That’s like trying to decide between an old record and the newest streaming service, isn’t it? Depending on the vibe we’re going for, each presents its own set of problems, yet they all hit different notes.

So, frame-by-frame is our old-school craft. Drawing 24 or 25 frames for every second sounds insane, doesn’t it? But that’s where the magic happens. It’s all about getting those details just right and giving our characters that spark of life. It’s a ton of work, though. Like, every tiny movement is on us to capture. But when you see it all come together, it’s like watching your sketches come to life. Totally worth the effort for those projects where we want to get really personal or go deep on the artistry.

Then there’s After Effects, our digital magic tool. If we’re short on time or just want to make a small adjustment without starting from scratch, it’s like having superpowers that let us move at superspeed. To get those complex scenarios perfect without having to sketch each frame, rigging characters in AE allows us to move them around like puppets. The initial setup of the rigs can be challenging, and we may need to re-rig them if the script changes, so we need to be strategic from the beginning.

Which one to use depends on the project’s requirements, the available budget, and the story we are trying to tell. Would we prefer the natural, handmade quality of frame-by-frame, which is ideal for stories that require an additional dose of heart? Or do we rely on After Effects for those times when we need to be quick and adaptable?

At Creativa as experts in animation, it’s important to consider both the end result and the process to get there. Whether we’re meticulously sketching every frame or utilising technology to make those goals a reality, the most important thing is to tell tales that resonate with our audience. We aim to mix the best of both worlds, using technology to boost our creative firepower. Let’s keep aiming to pick the right tool for each story, making sure every move, every frame, and every scene pulls the viewers into the world we’re creating. What do you all think? Ready to tackle our next project with this in mind? Reach out if you have any questions!

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