April 22, 2022
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Here’s how 360° video marketing can bring the customer experience to life

No doubt you’ve seen the occasional 360° video in your Facebook feed, on YouTube or perhaps in a virtual reality headset. Perhaps it struck you like a bit of a novelty, but 360° video is quickly taking the digital world by storm, with brands are catching on and investing billions of dollars.

It might be hard to image the applications of 360° video, but with over 100 million hours of video watched online a day, find innovative ways of exciting and engaging your audience is key.

What is 360° video?

Cameras are no longer restricted to the scene in front of us, but behind us, below us and above us, in every direction. 360° cameras record video in every direction such that when we watch the video back, we can look left, right, up and down, wherever we want and see everything the camera saw at that point in time.

Stitching it all together, the audience is invited to interact with and explore the world around them. Whether it be in a virtual reality headset, on your computer screen or on your phone, 360° video offers a new level of immersion where you can control the camera.

Why should we be excited?

Immersion. It’s why we buy the biggest TVs with the highest resolution and speakers with the clearest sound. It’s why we insist on keeping our screens clean and get frustrated when videos start to buffer. Anything that breaks our connection with the imagined world in front of us is instinctively shunned.

But technology continually pushes the boundaries of immersion. Remember when we first saw Toy Story and marvelled at the visuals? Or remember the first time you played Doom and couldn’t believe the graphical fidelity? How far we’ve come since then!

Now 360° video is pushing immersion to a whole new level and its got audiences and marketers alike excited.

How are brands using it?

The possibilities are endless! 360° video is being used to:

👉 Create unique/memorable campaigns

👉 Showcase products

👉 Capture Events

👉 Demonstrate processes

Each encourages an element of audience participation but where you transport your audience is up to you.

360° video is being used in a whole bunch of ways but in every case, they work to bring the customers experience to life. For example, check out this video produced by Qantas in partnership with Hamilton Island and Samsung, promoting their travel routes to the idyllic holiday destination.

By clicking and dragging around the video, you can share in the experience of Hamilton Island holidaymakers as they adventure about the island and go snorkelling out on the reefs. Nothing is left to the imagination with audiences given a real sense of what the environment is like.

Exploration enhances these experiences. With partial control handed to the audience, they are invited to engage with the world you transport them too.

Importantly, Google loves them. Integration of virtual tours with your Google My Business profile consistently does well. People love coming across your business on through the search engine or Google Maps and exploring it through 360° images or video. In fact, business profiles that include photos and a virtual tour are twice as likely to attract interest.

Interactive 360° video can be built into websites to create experiences for prospective clients, or resources for current customers. The video below features a website we at Creativa built for Central Queensland University, acting as a virtual tour of their campus and facilities.

How do you make 360° video?

360° video technology is increasingly accessible. You can pick up cameras relatively inexpensively and even capture it directly on Facebook or other apps. Getting professional results isn’t easy, but that’s where video production agencies can help.

To get started:

👉 Think about how 360° video could help your business

👉 Decide what you want to show your audience and where you want to take them

👉 Pick up a 360° camera or talk to our team about getting your project started

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