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February 14, 2024
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Effective Training Videos to engage your employees

Effective Training Videos to engage your employees

At the core of every organisation, its most valuable asset is its people. This core belief is transforming the conventional approaches to training and onboarding in order to more effectively support and cultivate this vital asset. Understanding this, we have committed ourselves to developing training videos that not only provide knowledge, but also foster a genuine connection and engagement between teams and their organisations. It’s all about infusing the learning experience with a personal touch, turning training from a mundane task into a chance for personal development, involvement, and togetherness. These powerful tools go beyond simply conveying information. They aim to create an engaging, memorable, and impactful learning experience for teams in different sectors. Training and induction videos have revolutionised the way knowledge is shared, skills are honed, and cultures are exchanged across various sectors, including private companies, government agencies, and higher education institutions.

Captivating Your Team with Compelling Visuals

Visuals captivate and attract viewers. Training and instructive videos educate, entertain, and captivate. This method focuses actively on involving people in the learning process rather than simply absorbing knowledge. What is the outcome? A team that is well-informed, motivated, and cohesive, prepared to take on the challenges of their roles.

Creating Unforgettable Training Experiences with Video

Training and onboarding videos simplify complex concepts using interesting stories, realistic scenarios, and simple visuals that stay with viewers. This increases learning and allows one to recall and apply information in real life.

Personalised, Interactive Induction Videos

Interactivity in training videos boosts engagement and personalisation. Interactive videos let viewers choose and explore settings to suit their learning goals. Personalised training videos approach the viewer directly and use data to tailor the content to their role, interests, and performance.

Engaging and customised Training Videos

Training videos with interactive features have changed engagement and personalisation. Interactive videos let viewers choose, engage, and explore customised scenarios. Personalised training videos engage the viewer directly and use data to tailor the content to their role, interests, and performance. This level of customisation and interaction not only boosts engagement but also significantly enhances the effectiveness of the training.

Organisations across sectors are recognising the value of training and educational videos in onboarding and induction. Several benefits immediately impact employee productivity, engagement, and success, driving this strategic change. Why organisations prefer visual learning tools:

Benefits of Training Videos

Better Learning Retention

Training and educational videos use visual and sound learning to improve memory. Studies reveal that after three days, people retain 10% of written knowledge and 65% of visual information. By providing concepts in video format, organisations may help newly hired employees understand and remember essential subjects.

Enhanced Engagement With Training Videos

Videos are more interesting than text or lecturing. Training videos keep learners engaged using storytelling, animations, and real-life scenarios. Engaged learners understand and enjoy what they’re learning more.

Training Consistency

Training and educational videos ensure that all employees receive the same knowledge, instructions, and company guidelines. This consistency helps maintain high standards across the organisation and ensures that every employee starts at the same level, regardless of when or where they join.

Educational Videos: Accessibility and Scalability

Videos are scalable and accessible worldwide, making them suitable for ranged and remote workers. Training videos can be seen anytime, anywhere, allowing employees to learn at their own speed and schedule. This accessibility facilitates onboarding for new hires, as they can start training instantly without coordinating with trainers or other team members.

Induction Video Cost-Effectiveness

While the initial investment in producing high-quality training and educational videos may be significant, these tools offer long-term cost savings. Once created, a video can be used repeatedly without incurring additional costs for trainers, venues, or printed materials. This makes video an economical choice for ongoing training and onboarding programs.

Customised Video Learning

Advanced technology enables interactive, personalised training videos that customise according to employees’ speed of learning and preferences. Personalisation improves learning by keeping employees interested and providing relevant information based on their roles.

Improve Performance and Productivity with Video

Informed and trained employees are more likely to work efficiently and confidently, increasing production. Training and educational videos help new hires learn quickly and contribute to the company’s goals.

Creativa Expertise in Training Video Production

Creativa Video Production and Animation agency in Melbourne is known for its cutting-edge training, educational, onboarding, and induction videos. Our experience working with business sector clients, government agencies, and educational institutions has given us unique insights into the many educational needs and issues across fields. We know each company has its own unique culture, values, and goals, so we create videos that resonate with their audience and meet their training goals. Our training video production and animation create experiences that inspire, educate, and empower. Our movies leave a lasting impression when training teachers, onboarding new hires, or explaining complex procedures.


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