Mariana Ruiz
February 21, 2024
3 min read

Innovative Video Trends Around The Globe For 2024

The New Era: How Video is Changing Global Brand Engagement

Creative storytelling and brand engagement require video in the digital age. Companies worldwide are embracing live action, animation, and innovative video formats to interact with their audiences. Traditional storytelling combined with 2D and 3D animation, AR, and customised interactive experiences is changing advertising. Let’s examine how these trends are shaping video content and spotlight leading businesses.

Creative Fusion: Live Action and Animation

Storytellers have several options with live action and animation. It lets you tell visually appealing and emotionally moving stories. 2D and 3D animation invite viewers into attractive worlds of creativity and imagination that are beyond reality.

Personalisation and Interactivity: A New Edge

The increasing popularity of customised and interactive videos has changed how people consume content. These forms let viewers choose their journey, making it more interesting and memorable. Interactive marketing and Netflix “choose your own adventure” series use this method to engage people.

AR/VR hybrids allow more immersive 3D experiences. The combination of 3D technology’s reality and depth with augmented reality’s new level of engagement makes for more vivid, memorable, and engaging storytelling in videos.

Innovation in Outdoor Advertising: The Digital Shift

Video and animation are transforming 3D billboard advertising. These dynamic displays attract passer-by, making commonplace spaces into storytelling and brand interaction stages.

Retail/Shopalites: Indoors Mall and airport reconfiguration

Shopalite panels are positioned at key entrances, exits, and main corridors of retail centres. Shopalites turns indoor shopping malls and airports into interactive advertising hotspots as they connect companies or brands with consumers in high-traffic environments through engaging video displays and interactive touchpoints.

Brands Leading the Video Revolution

Learn how brands are boosting engagement and storytelling with video and new tech.  In their stunning 3D animated remakes of 2D frame-by-frame storytelling, using AR, VR and immersive content.

Disney expertly blends live action and 3D animation.

To promote its cameras and show off its users’ incredible, adrenaline-fueled adventures, GoPro employs user-generated content.

Crafting an appetising narrative with a 3D billboard as Jarlsberg Cheese’s creative advertising is shown by a large, three-dimensional cheese wheel breaking through a 3D billboard advertising. This ad by Creativa engages the senses and draws attention, delivering a memorable brand experience for foodies and casual spectators.

AR lets IKEA shoppers visualise things in their home before buying, revolutionising home shopping.

The Immersive 3D Travel Experience by Samsonite.

Samsonite uses 3D billboards to promote its durable and elegant luggage. This interactive experience celebrates Samsonite’s robustness and design while inspiring viewers to explore the globe with confidence and style. Samsonite’s innovative use of Creativa’s 3D technology enhances its reputation as a dependable travel companion by helping it stand out in a cutthroat market and emotionally connect with customers.

High-power live-action and video production from Red Bull embody adventure and push the limits.

Coca-Cola‘s personalised video commercials create an emotional connection with consumers.  BMW uses 3D visualisation to show buyers their automobiles’ innovation and luxury. Zara uses an AR production to enhance the shopping experience with virtual replicas of their latest fashions.

Undeniably Video content is changing how marketers tell stories, inspire emotions, and create memorable experiences. 

Brands may engage younger audiences with cutting-edge video production, personalised content, and immersive technology. Video has endless potential for artistic expression and audience engagement in the future. Brands that push creativity, technology, and storytelling will flourish in an ever-changing world.

As we develop the ever-evolving landscape of brand interaction, the creative integration of video, animation, and cutting-edge technology like 3D billboards will shape the future of advertising.

Are you prepared to lead the way in this revolution? Become a part of the ranks of companies that are transforming their brands. Reach out to us at Creativa and let’s shape the future together. Your journey into the advertising future starts here.

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