Hannah Vorlicek
October 13, 2020
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Powering member-based organisations with personalised video

Powering member-based organisations using personalised video can build loyalty, strengthen membership relationships and diminish churn. It has become increasingly popular as a means of engaging members. 

For member-based organisations, where every new member represents significant potential lifetime value, solidifying every new relationship is critical. Insurance providers, retailers, utility companies, airlines, roadside assistance, banks, health funds, universities: they all want to make a great first impression. 

Adding a personal touch to your communications ensures you get off on the right foot. One of the ways many member-based organisations do this is with personalised video.

What is a personalised video?

Using your existing data, personalised video platforms (such as ours) can assemble videos unique to every member, based on what is known about them. Using templates, variable components and segment-specific rulesets, thousands upon thousands of videos can be made, each customised for every recipient in a matter of moments.

For instance, their name, age and date of birth might personalise a video wishing them a ‘Happy Birthday’. Perhaps they’re shown a tailored video including specific recommendations based on their purchase history.

Check out these simple personalised video examples in action.

Powering member-based organisations using personalised video

There is tremendous value in personalised video

Increasingly, brands that offer personalised service at scale — like Amazon — are thriving. Serving unique, personalised service with reference to past interactions is powering the growth of today’s most popular and successful organisations.

Personalised video allows for engaging, tailored communications that are already being well utilised in several industries. Brands utilising personalised content are establishing more meaningful connections with their customers. Subsequently, they’re building brand loyalty and equity.

Customers have grown to expect brands to understand them, and are flocking to those that do.

73% of customers expect companies to understand their needs and expectations, and more than half would rather buy from a retailer that knows them by name. The value of personalised content is that it shows you know and understand your customers.

“This isn’t just another buzz term doing the rounds at marketing conferences and tech shows,” says Aaron Brooks from Venture Harbour, “this is one of the trends that matter most to the people you want on your customer list.”

Emails to members that include personalised videos have experienced open rates over 50%, with a clickthrough to the video content of 35%. Unique video plays, right through to completion, account for 16% of the viewership — numbers you don’t see with traditional content. Personalised video drives engagement.

Personalised video in member-based organisations

The superannuation industry is one such industry already leveraging the power of personalised video production to engage their members.

The video below was produced for TelstraSuper as part of an Australian Marketing Institute award-winning customer retention campaign. The personalisation, and the interactive call-to-action embedded at the end, varied the content-based on the recipient’s age and length of membership, giving them meaningful advice in managing their super. 

It shows genuine thought and consideration for the member and demonstrates an understanding of their relationship with the brand.

Of course, they allow for better segmented messaging too. The other advantage of personalising video is that they can change their contents to reflect many different product offerings.

Segmentation can automate the process of delivering videos that can cover any combination of product offerings the member uses. For example, an insurer can tailor their communication based on what the customer does, or doesn’t, insure under the account.

Personalised video in education

Personalised videos are also popular amongst universities.

As with member-based organisations, starting a course at university is the beginning of a significant relationship. Universities want to make the students feel welcome and share the orientation information that’s right for them.

The University of Canberra did just this in a personalised video series for high school graduates that had been accepted into one of their courses.

Adding interactive calls-to-action

Interactive elements often feature in personalised video. Clickable/tappable buttons appear within interactive videos, built right into its video player, allowing users to click links, or make decisions that change the direction of the video, much like a choose-your-own-adventure book or movie (like Netflix’s Bandersnatch).

More often than not, member-based organisations use interactivity to embed clickable calls-to-action. They themselves can be customised to direct the viewer to where they need to go. In the case of superannuation, member updates might make recommendations for recipients, like adding voluntary contributions, and provide a link to learn more.

How do you create personalised and interactive videos?

Want to engage your members? We can help! We’re a video production and animation studio with our own personalised video platform. Together, we can create the right video for you and personalise it for your members.

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