After all the study and exams, there's no greater feeling than being accepted into the course of your dreams. It's a special moment! To make it all the more special, The University of Canberra reached out to us to create a series of personalised videos congratulating their new students and introducing them to the enrolment process.


We produced a series of four personalised videos to be sent out to a closed email list. With our personalisation technology, each student received a personalised video addressing them by name and embedding only information relevant to them. It was important to the University to use real students to appear in the videos and keep it authentic, and our director took the time to help them deliver the right performance for the project.


Once the videos we complete, they were personalised for the recipients. Integrating with the University of Canberra's database, key information for the student was embedded within the video.


"The end result is a series of fun, playful videos that highlight the benefits of the University fo Canberra and encourages potential students to accept their offer and enrol."

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